Qigong Classes

A little bit about Qigong


Qigong (pronounced “chee gong”) is an ancient Chinese healing practice some say spans back 5000 years. Qigong probably emerged naturally in the simple fields of ancient China, slow paced farmers, deeply attuned to the rhythms of nature, observed ways in which life was nurtured in plants and animals. It’s evolved over many centuries being taught by Shamans, influenced by Yoga, and martial elements of Tai Chi.


‘Qi’ means life force and ‘gong’ means work, therefore Qigong is fundamentally a practice that helps cultivate ‘Qi energy’ which is required to live a healthy life.


Did you know, you can create Qi?

We have the amazing capability to create Qi by using a recipe of  mindful movement + breathing + focused attention + intention + imagination.



Qigong is an amazing way to connect to nature and utilise the available energy Mother Earth provides, through the unity movement, breathing and the power of your mind, Qigong is a fantastic way to relax, improve attention, focus and deepen your spiritual  path or connection.


It has been said that Qigong is ‘movement meditation’, and can suit those who struggle to sit and meditate. There are 3 main forms of Qigong, moving, standing and seated; it’s normal to progress from moving, standing and then seated but quite often a class involves all 3 elements.


In a modern world where our attention is being stolen, Qigong is a an effective tool to dampen ‘over thinking’ and bring us back to our bodies and encourage presence. The ability to be present has many benefits in every day life from managing daily stress to improving sporting performance.



There are various types of Qigong – Medical, Martial, Spiritual, Intellectual and Health Qigong.


At HealthTribe we teach ‘Health Qigong’ and in particular the Shabashi forms.




Dan’s Qigong class has really benefited it. Plus it gives me an oasis of calm and boosts my energy in a busy week. but way better – I always feel positive after but often in different ways – positive chilled – positive energised – never know which it will be.

Caroline Taylor 


I love Dans Qigong class, it’s an hour of calm in my busy week.

Tim Bye 


As a newcomer to Qigong, Dan’s class has taught me to become aware of the flow of energy in my body and it brings me peace and calm in mind, body and spirit.

Wendy Fairservice 


I’ve had problems with my shoulder, but the gentle movement in Dan’s Qigong class has really benefited it. Plus it gives me an oasis of calm and boosts my energy in a busy week.

Sue Russell 


Dan’s Qigong class creates a sense of stillness & calm that I have struggled to achieve with seated meditation. I thoroughly recommend it.

Andrea Kelly 

Beginners Qigong Classes


Qigong class begins February 21st 2024 at Otford Village Hall in Sevenoaks.



The class dates are:


February 21st, 28th


March 6th, 13th, 20th & 27th



Class time – 12 – 1pm


Drop in’s welcome  – £12


Qigong class coming to Westerham!

6 week class for beginners starts Tuesday 7th May!


Venue. – Westerham Hall, Quebec Avenue


There are two classes:


1.30 – 2.30pm BOOK HERE 


2.30 – 3.30pm (may run 5 late for turn around) BOOK HERE


Or get in touch here if you’d like more information.