Personal Training

Personal Training


Our holistic approach to personal training means we consider all aspects of your lifestyle when designing your tailored fitness programme. This includes stress levels, diet, injury and medical history through to sleep and mental and emotional factors.

A comprehensive Health, movement, lifestyle and diet screen is pivotal to our programme design and success.

Taking a ‘no pain, no gain’ approach can be not only ineffective but dangerous! Our holistic approach means  ‘We don’t drain our clients, we train them’! You can be rest assured that our holistic and scientific approach to Personal Training is the safest and most effective way to achieve long term sustainable results.

Our Sevenoaks Personal Trainers are highly skilled in teaching  you how to make the optimal exercise and movement choice based on your individual needs. We fuse Eastern methods such as Tai Chi, Yoga and QiGong and more western styles such as strength and conditioning, Swiss ball training and HIIT.

Our fully equipped studio is designed purely for one to one training so is completely private.

We offer tailored exercise programmes for your home and gym. Clients benefit from accessing their fitness programmes online in various mediums, which include detailed descriptions and video demonstrations.

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A detailed assessment is key to success

Colin Holistic approach to fitness and nutrition

53 years old, I found Dan after a bit of a search for a trainer that did not just concentrate on the Physical, someone who would take an “intelligent” look at various aspects of fitness, a more holistic approach. I have been with Dan for around 2 years, his approach to fitness training combined with encouragement to become more conscious in respect to nutrition, meditation, and respect for yourself, has helped d me enormously. I value the time we share, and do not hesitate in recommending Dan and HealthTribe, if, like I was, you are tired of the usual Gym regime. *