Golf Fitness Conditioning

Golf Fitness Conditioning


Improve your body, improve your golf!


We all know how rewarding and frustrating golf can be – every golfer I know lives to play better golf! Typically, the most common route for lowering your handicap is to invest in golf tuition and/or buy the best clubs you can afford. Although this approach may lead to moderate levels of success, sadly, the simple truth is that the clubs don’t play the game; the golfer does. Therefore, in order to maximise your chances of lowering your handicap, improving your golf fitness is paramount.



Is your body part of the problem?



At any given time, as many as 30% of all professionals are playing injured. In fact, 53% of male and 45% of female golfers suffer from back pain.


– Are you playing golf with pain and niggles, such as lower back, hip, elbow or shoulder pain?

– Are you starting to lose distance?

– Has your handicap plateaued recently despite plenty of playing?


Would you like to be more consistent, or drive the ball further?


Poor posture, injury, and the natural ageing process can lead to compensatory patterns, leading to inconsistencies, loss of yardage and ultimately a frustrated golfer!


HealthTribe’s golf performance programme is based upon the principles of functional exercises that are designed to restore balance and coordination of golf specific movement patterns.


Our progressive golf conditioning programme includes the following factors to improve function and control ball flight (club face alignment, swing path, angle of attack and speed):


* Muscle Balance and Flexibility
* Static and Dynamic Postural Stability
* Strength
* Power


Golf Conditioing


Golf Fitness Conditioning is perfect for:


– Golfers playing with injuries and pain
– Golfers that are starting to lose distance
– Golfers that want to play more consistent golf
– Golfers that want to maximise their distance
– Golfers that want to lower their handicap


Golf Fitness Testimonial


Macca’s Story



As an ex-football professional with little knee cartilage issues and tight hips, Dan has been working with Macca to improve joint mobility and stability.


He’s seen a massive improvement in the ability to turn, which has translated into hitting the ball further, more consistency, a drop in handicap and some recent tournament wins! 🤩

From here, our target is to keep improving movement and generating more swing speed, without compromising longevity.


“Since taking Dan’s advice, I am hitting the ball further and playing more consistently. Despite my long term knee and hip problems, I am now enjoying my golf more than I have done for years, and I have shaved a couple of shots off my handicap!”


What’s included in the programme?


Our certified CHEK Golf Performance Specialist Dan Tiley, a keen golfer himself, provides bespoke home or gym programmes. Here’s what the Golf Fitness Conditioning programmes typically include:


– Detailed postural and movement screen
– Specific mobility and flexibility exercises including specific golf warm up
– Specific stability and core postural exercises for home or gym
– A scientifically prescribed strength and conditioning programme for home or gym
– Complementary diet and lifestyle advice



All programmes are accessible online using various mediums, with clear descriptions using video.

Golf Conditioning programmes can take between 6 and 24 weeks depending on your needs.



Fit For Golf Programme


Would you like to benefit from your own tailored mobility and flexibility programme to help you move better for golf?

Would you like to benefit from your own tailored mobility and flexibility programme to help you move better for golf?


For a limited time only we are offering Dan Tiley’s ‘Fit For Golf’ starter programme, which includes:


– Detailed postural and movement screen (75 minutes)

– Personalised mobility and flexibility exercise programme for home or gym to improve golf swing biomechanics

– Coaching of your programme (60 minutes)


All this for just £150




Dan Tiley is a certified CHEK Golf Performance Specialist



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