Lost 3 Stone and gained confidence to get back on my horse after a fall.


I went to see Dan when I was almost 14 and a half stone and feeling really unfit, my mobility was not good and I had lost confidence.


My main aim was to get healthier and lose weight with the overall goal of getting back on my horse, whom I had not ridden for three years after a fall, so there was a lot of fear and anxiety.


After a thorough physical and lifestyle assessment we started off slowly and week by week I started doing more and the weight and inches came off and I got fitter.


I was delighted that within five months I’d shed enough weight and had gained enough fitness and confidence to get back on my horse.


I took the horse riding steadily and as I worked more with Dan my core fitness and mindset for riding improved.


Now just over a year on I am galloping my horse up the track and am loving the new lease of life I have in my new body.


I have lost three dress sizes and three stone in weight but as well as the physical changes the mental change and positivity that has come from working with Dan is amazing!


I now have a healthy body and feel fit for life, the gift of riding my horse on my own is priceless. I’m riding better than ever and I recently got engaged and am looking forward to getting married next year in a wedding dress that I know will look amazing in a size I never dreamt I’d be in.


I can thoroughly recommend Dan, the work he did with me changed my life and gave me back my health and my horse.


Amanda Stocks, aged 52

Amanda Business woman horse rider

Lost 10kg body fat, cured IBS and lower back pain.


"I can’t speak highly enough about HealthTribe and Dan. Dan’s tailored, holistic and all encompassing approach to health and well being has dramatically improved all aspects of my health and lifestyle.


I’ve been seeing Dan for 3 or 4 years now, as an ex-professional rugby player and, more recently, addressing high levels of stress through work. I was looking for a more rounded approach which could help me overcome long-term injuries, being over weight and experiencing debilitating issues with Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).


When I first met Dan, we initially ran through various detailed health and fitness screens looking at stress levels, digestive health, and my biomechanics. Because of my on going struggle with IBS, Dan recommend I ran a simple gut health laboratory test to highlight what was causing my symptoms. The test revealed there was an imbalance of my microbiome which we then took care of with specific natural remedies. My IBS has now pretty much cleared up and this has amazingly improved my core stability and back pain!


I see Dan once a week where he holds me accountable to diet and lifestyle changes and rotates exercise programmes to complement the levels of stress I’m under. I’ve found this holistic approach invaluable in resolving ongoing back issues.


Thanks to Dan I’ve lost 10 kg of body fat, overcome a long-term IBS problem and enjoy having more energy. I’m so much more able to manage my stress levels and this has allowed me to return to historic levels of exercising.


We’re currently re-evaluating my goals and I am now looking forward to entering a few triathlons this summer!"

Mike Ex professional rugby player and business man

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At 53 years old, I found Dan after a bit of a search for a trainer that did not just concentrate on the Physical, someone who would take an "intelligent" look at various aspects of fitness, a more holistic approach. I have been with Dan for around 2 years, his approach to fitness training combined with encouragement to become more conscious in respect to nutrition, meditation and respect for yourself, has helped me enormously. I value the time we share, and do not hesitate in recommending Dan and HealthTribe, if, like I was, you are tired of the usual Gym regime.*

Colin Holistic approach to fitness and nutrition

Annie - Rehabilitate Achilles injury, ski conditioning programme

I moved to Kent in September last year and needed someone I trusted to support my rehabilitation, having ruptured my Achilles' tendon in May.


I found Dan to be friendly, responsive and very thorough in assessing me when we first met. I felt confident that he understood my injury and how best to work in tandem with the physio treatment I was having, to safely plan and progress my return to full fitness. The exercise programme that Dan gave me was an effective way for me to carry on improving in between my face-to-face sessions with him.


Dan is a very professional and talented coach that I highly recommend to anyone who wants support, encouragement and just enough challenge to help them achieve their goals.


When I met Dan, my physio was not confident that I would be fit enough to go skiing, which I love, this February. However, working with Dan, I was not only able to ski nine months after my injury, but to do so with confidence. Flying down red and black runs was a great feeling.*

Annie Rehabilitate Achilles injury, ski conditioning programme

Adam -Tennis coach, strength and conditioning, sports injury

I’m a full time tennis coach of 12 years and I’ve been seeing Dan for one to one coaching for over 5 years now - he’s helped me to work towards my goals including improving my strength and conditioning hugely to prepare for my own tennis events as well as working with me to rehabilitate a couple of unfortunate injuries I picked up over my playing and coaching career.


Dan always adapts and aligns himself to what his client requires and is a very thoughtful and inquisitive trainer. His holistic approach has been invaluable as he is one of few people to look at my lifestyle and wellbeing as a whole in order to help guide me towards being a happier and healthier person.


He has a wealth of knowledge and is always happy to extend this knowledge whenever he thinks it will be useful to you, he will also guide you with resources that might help to enlighten you along the way.*

Adam Tennis coach, strength and conditioning, sports injury

Tom -Business owner – rehabilitated two knee replacements.

I have been enjoying training with Dan three times per week for 12 years. Because he is so passionate and and knowledgeable about what he does he is exceptional at it. He has successfully rehabilitated me through two knee replacements and has helped bring balance to my very busy lifestyle.
I love his holistic approach to my well being. It would certainly not be an exaggeration to say that, without his dedication to my general health, I would be a very different person today!*

Tom - 70 years old Business owner – rehabilitated two knee replacements.

Aris -Improved mindfulness, digestive health, sleep, weight loss

After trying so many diets and exercise programmes to lose weight especially round the belly area, and failing, I searched the Internet and found Dan’s website. What attracted me to this website was the holistic approach. As a 56 year old man with an inactive job, (barber) I thought I needed a lot more exercise and was curious how the holistic approach would benefit me.


From the detailed questionnaire I had to fill out Dan set me a programme of healthy eating, lifestyle modifications, corrective exercises and tinctures to improve my health from the inside. He explained to me the art of mindfulness and that being in balance from the inside would help my overall well being.
I followed this programme and in two months lost over six kilos, my belly is slowly disappearing but more importantly I feel so much better. I only wish I'd found Dan years ago!*

Aris 57 years Improved mindfulness, digestive health, sleep, weight loss.

Georgia lost weight and balanced her lifestyle

I live at one end of the country and work at the other. I’ve got a full-on job and middle age is nipping at my heels!


My complicated life meant I wasn’t sure I could fit in any training and I was pretty sure I had nutrition nailed. How wrong I was.


With Dan’s help, I faced up to some of the problems with my lifestyle and that included a tape measure and scales. Ouch!


He made a weekly slot available which fitted round my hectic schedule (I’m only around two days a week so that wasn’t easy) and from there he quite simply helped me change my life. He makes the gym sessions fun (yes really) and he gives me lots of support, helping me to change my approach to food, drink stress.


Six months on and I feel (and am told I look) amazing! I’ve lost nearly three stone, dropped two dress sizes and lost a whopping 14cm from my waist.


I couldn’t, and wouldn’t have done it alone! But Dan not only made it happen, he helped me make what I believe will become lifelong changes. I can’t recommend him enough – he’s a life saver!*

Georgia Very busy business owner- weight loss, balanced lifestyle