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Apr 15 2020


11:00 - 12:00



Restore Energise and Balance – Online Tutorial

Learn simple lifestyle tips to help revitalise energy, increase productivity and improve sleep


Exhaustion and tiredness can be the underlining reason why so many of us struggle to maintain healthy habits.

Being fit and healthy can feel like just another thing to add to our daily list.

With the best intentions in the world, if we lack energy, we’re less likely to consistently follow them through.

Some times less is more!

To avoid derailing from your goals, it’s crucial to recharge and build enough energy so you can realise your goal, dreams or objectives.

This 60 minutes online tutorial will help you:

– Help you understand the importance of living in sync with our planets natural cycles and rhythms.

– Find out which lifestyle choices you are making are damaging your energy and vitality

– Learn lifestyle tips to supercharge your sleep quality

– How stress plays a huge role in our well-being

– Appreciate the two natural forces Yin and Yang and where you might be out of balance

– Learn simple tools to help balance your nervous system and boost your energy levels naturally

– Tips on how to build life force

– Learn why exercise might be the last thing you need.

– Learn Zone exercises to cultivate energy and balance your chakras.

– Why less is sometimes more

– Learn how to listen to your body for guidance.

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