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Apr 01 2020


11:00 - 12:00



Lifestyle Transformation Online Tutorial

After the success of our previous Lifestyle Transforation Talks, I’m excited to invite you to attend online version using Zoom.

I’ll be sharing the secrets of implementing sustainable healthy habits, and share with you how to consult your very own 4 doctors to bring balance to your lifestyle.

Some of the tips I’ll be sharing:

– Understanding the importance of having a big enough goal, dream or objective

– Finding out where you’re out of balance

– Understanding how habits are formed, learning tips on building new healthy sustainable habits

– How to consult your own 4 doctors (Dr Happiness, Dr Movement, Dr Diet and Dr Quiet) to help balance your lifestyle

– How to make healthy choices that align with natural our circadian rhythm.

– Learn the 6 foundational principles of health and wellness

You will benefit from this talk if you are:

– suffering from stress

– wanting to improve your energy levels

– suffering with symptoms of illness or disease

– suffering from pain or injury

– wanting to manage your body weight

– wanting to improve your mental and emotional health

– wanting to optimise your health and well-being


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