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Apr 29 2020


11:00 - 12:00



Find Balance by Mastering Movement – Online Tutorial

Learn how to make better movement and exercise choices to build energy and bring a sense of balance and health to your life.

Dr. Movement is a very important aspect of your inner life, to live and create your dreams and be productive, not only in your own life but as a gift to the world.

In this 60 minute online tutorial I’ll be sharing the following:

– How times have change, but we’re still the same

– A holistic look at stress and the role movement/exercise plays

– A look at biological pumps and the role they play in our energy levels, he ability to a rid of waste, chronic aches and pains, digestion, mood, our emotions and circulation.

– A look at posture and wellness and how you can make small changes to help your posture

– What are biological oscillators and how movement effects your electromagnet energy fields.

– Introducing the concept of working in before working out – learn to use different types of movement/exercise to help energise and vitalise and movements to improve fitness.

– How sometimes exercise is the last thing you need to be doing

– How to avoid injury and maximise your efforts

– Learn how breathing is key to your health and wellness, establish if you are breathing healthily and how you can.

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