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May 20 2020


11:00 - 12:00



Are You On Fire? How to Combat Inflammation Naturally – Online Tutorial

Learn effective lifestyle tips, advice on dealing with inflammatory disorders naturally

Most inflammatory problems such autoimmune disease and high cholesterol can be effectively improved by implementing simple changes to ones diet and lifestyle.

In this 60 minute online tutorial I’ll be covering:

– Understand the 2 natural forces Yin and Yang and where you might be out of balance

– Learn about different forms of stress and how your body reacts

– Learn about the importance of good gut health

– Which common inflammatory foods to avoid

– How a leaky gut could be driving your symptoms

– Learn which four Doctors need listening to

– Understand the importance of getting to bed on time

– Why hydration plays a crucial part in putting the fire out

– How ‘monkey mind’ and too much thinking can cause inflammation

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