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May 13 2020


11:00 - 12:00



A Holistic Approach to Weight Loss – Online Tutorial

Most people know what kind of foods we should be eating and that exercise is important, but why do so many people struggle lose weigh or keep it off?

In this 60 minute online tutorial I’ll be covering:

– Considering how stress (mental, emotional, physical) plays a role in weight management

– Why losing weight is more than just eat less and exercising more

– Discussing why the 6 foundational principles of health should be the starting point

– Why the objective should be about creating balance

– What are the most common lifestyle roadblocks to losing weight

– How our mind and emotions are nearly always the cause to weight gain and how you can over come them.

– How you’re environment is more important than will power and motivation

– Simple diet tips

– How to stop focusing on the outcome and fall in love with the journey

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