Realise your dreams

HealthTribe was once just a mere thought.

It’s taken several years to evolve that thought; firstly into a belief that HealthTribe could become a reality, to an intention to manifest that belief, to the final hard graft and investment that created the exclusive wellbeing studio that exists today.

Of course, it’s often been a frustrating journey – trying to find the right space, planning issues, wrong location, struggling to get finance, poor timing and so on; there was a time when I thought it would never happen!

I now know, looking back, that the reason things never fell into place was because I lacked clarity! Clarity in what I wanted but, more importantly, clarity on my purpose.

The importance of being crystal clear on your goals

I attended a holistic lifestyle course back in March 2018 and, as ever, it provided valuable time for introspection and time to really focus on my own purpose and values. As a result, I came away from that course with absolute clarity on my purpose and values.

It’s no coincidence then that within only a few days of returning from the course, I stumbled upon an idyllic studio space in Shoreham, Sevenoaks. I knew straight away when I saw the details that this was ‘it’! It had everything I was looking for; located on a Victorian quadrangle dairy farm, set in the beautiful Darenth valley, stacks of parking, shower facilities, and even providing the opportunity to run workshops and retreats – it felt too good to be true!

Within three months I’d opened my doors to start my holistic health coaching business – HealthTribe – after most probably six years of trying.

My intention was to create an exclusive, private and relaxed space for coaching. I invested in beautiful solid oak flooring, hand-made furniture and the latest functional exercise equipment. It’s important to me that people feel comfortable, especially when discussing aspects of their lifestyle they want to change.

I’m very excited about evolving HealthTribe and helping people achieve their own goals and dreams. Next year, I plan to offer workshops spreading our philosophy, so get in touch if you’d like to be informed when dates become available.

The message to take away is that we manifest what we think about – so be clear about what it is you desire.

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