he Key to Changing Unhealthy Habits

Let’s face it; change is tough. Actually, it’s more than just tough, change is a pain in the backside! It’s no wonder people struggle to change as it requires two very important attributes:


1. Energy
2. Desire


Having lots of energy with no desire is like sailing a speedboat with no coordinates. Having a desire and clear picture of where you want to go with little or no energy is like trying to cross the ocean in a dingy – unless you’re mad you’re unlikely to get started! My experience as a holistic health coach is that most people lack either the energy or desire – sometimes both.


Wanting to change their world in January is a perfect example of how people begin with boundless desire but, once this desire gets eroded through everyday life and routine, they lose the motivation to maintain the changes and then seamlessly lapse into old, more comfortable habits.


The key, therefore, is to firstly be crystal clear on ‘why’ you want to change; this stokes up desire and motivation. Then you need to make the lifestyle changes needed to realise your dream and encourage the energy to enable consistent action.


Make the connection and know it’s worth it


Sometimes, being healthy can feel like just another ‘to do’ on a long list of chores. This is where an important link has to be made – to know that healthy choices like eating quality food, drinking plenty of water and getting to bed on time will supercharge your energy and enable you to live the life you want.


One of the most common mistakes I see is trying to change too much, too soon. Simple steps take less energy, which means when our desire dwindles we’re more likely to stick to our goal. It might be helpful to appreciate that positive changes are like magnets attracting other positive changes. For example, consider how you feel when you’ve had a good night’s sleep. You have more energy, you eat better and are more likely to move more, and all you did was to prioritise getting to bed on time. Simple but effective.


Get your priorities right – sometimes you have to put yourself first


As the saying goes, ‘you cannot give what you haven’t got’.


If you care or are responsible for others, how much can you truly give if you’re tired or unhappy?


When you’re hungry do you have boundless amounts of patience or focus?


If you suffer from disease, illness or injury do you have as much choice as someone who’s healthy?


Loving yourself enough to prioritise healthy habits allows you to love more, do more and live the life you want to live!


Key points to take away


1. Increase your desire


Start the process of change by clearly defining your ‘why’. Keep asking ‘why’ until you get to the real motivator. Be brave and honest, and then write it down!


2. Build your energy


Prioritise diet and lifestyle choices that will provide enough energy to consistently smash through behavioural change. Start simple, e.g. drink more water, and prioritise to shop and cook.


Be sure to find quiet time to reflect and recharge and be crystal clear on your desire, that’s got to be worth the energy!



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