Combining personal training, health, nutrition and life coaching; a perfect programme to install healthy habits for 2020 and beyond!


Living a balanced lifestyle leads to more energy, a positive mindset and more choice to do the things you love to do.


New goals don’t deliver new results. New lifestyles do.


A lifestyle is not an outcome, it’s a process. For this reason, all of your energy should go into building better habits, not chasing better results.


This programme is for anyone serious about improving their health and fitness.




It’s time to take a holistic approach!


If you’ve already ‘been around the houses’, seeing this specialist and that specialist, only to get you so far, then maybe it’s time to take a more holistic approach. This Programme is all about building on your health and vitality; not just treating the symptoms.


It’s time to take back control!


When you’re in balance you’ll find that everything flows better, experiencing more energy, an optimal body weight, improved sleep and a more positive mindset.


Is this you?



  • suffering from stress
  • wanting to improve your energy levels
  • suffering with symptoms of illness or disease
  • suffering from pain or injury
  • wanting to manage your body weight
  • wanting to improve your mental and emotional health
  • wanting to optimise your health and well-being


What’s in the Lifestyle Transformation programme?


  • Free initial 60 minute consultation
  • 60 minute bio-mechanical and movement screen
  • 60 minute coaching on ‘understanding habits and how to build healthy ones’
  • Unlimited access to our tribeFit classes for one month
  • A personalised 4 doctor lifestyle plan. Coaching you on how to establish your needs, manage stress and balance your lifestyle
  • Bespoke mobility and flexibility programme – access to online videos
  • ‘Work in’ plan –  breathing, meditation and stress management coaching
  • ‘Work out’ home or gym programme. Depending on the outcome of your programme and your needs this may, for example, include strength and conditioning or core exercise
  • Bespoke diet plan. Coaching on how to improve digestion and implement healthy eating habits
  • Total of 7 hours of one to one coaching


Normal investment £500


New Year offer of £399, offer ends January 31st 2020


To find out more or to get started now click here






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