Have our lifestyles changed for the better?


It wasn’t that long ago when the majority of your time would have been spent undertaking tasks such as washing clothes, cooking foods and tending the garden. Innovation has made our lives much more comfortable. Now all it takes is pushing a button and, viola, the washing is done.

But could convenience and comfort be causing more harm than good?

Want to change, then change your environment


We’re hard wired to adapt to our environment. If you lift heavy weights your muscles adapt and grow in response. If you spend time in the sun, your skin produces a protective pigment to protect the skin from damage. Stress causes your breathing rate to speed up to provide energy to tackle a perceived threat. As you can see, it’s our environment that makes us who we are. If you want to change these adaptations, it may be a wise idea to start paying attention to your environment.


The ‘chair’ and how sitting could be hurting you



I’m going to kick off in part 1 of ‘Is comfort hurting you?’ by discussing how the chair maybe creating more harm than good. If you need help changing your environment and lifestyle, take a look at some of holistic services we offer . 

Sit back (maybe not) and enjoy, I hope you find it helpful.


Look out for part 2 where I’ll be discussing the shoe!





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