The Four Doctors, balancing your health

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to call upon your very own (free) in-house doctors to keep you in optimal health? In my view, being healthy is about having choice; choice to fulfil all the things you want in life. Take away your health and all the money in the world is useless!


Our tribal ancestors wouldn’t have had private health insurance or health and fitness books to read to stay healthy. They would have relied on wise shamans teaching rituals and natural remedies alongside knowledge passed down from their elders.

Welcome to the Four Doctors

A large part of HealthTribe’s philosophy has been taken from as far back as the Ancient Greeks. The Ancient Greek physicians based their medical opinions on the framework of the three doctors: Dr. Happiness, Dr. Diet and Dr. Quiet. These doctors knew that if a patient wasn’t happy, wasn’t eating right or not finding enough time to rest they were likely to become sick. Paul Chek, who established the CHEK institute in San Diego, adapted this Greek system, and because of our modern sedentary lifestyles, added a fourth Doctor; Doctor Movement.

Dr Happiness

Dr Happiness is our chief physician, after all, if you don’t know what makes you happy, how can you experience happiness?


Dr. Happiness advises us that if we lead a life that doesn’t fit with our core values and doesn’t fulfil us, every facet of our life becomes a burden. So, the less your current lifestyle fits with your core values, the more you become stressed. The important guiding truth that this doctor offers is that happiness is an essential feature of genuine lasting health. Dr. Happiness shows you how to create and undertake the deep introspective study and intention to discover what makes you truly happy.

Dr Diet

Dr. Diet provides the foundation for wellbeing. Food and drink dramatically affect our energy levels and our biochemical reality, which in turn influences our emotional and our mental reality. Dr. Diet will provide guidance to make the right nutritional choices for your body.

Dr Quiet

Dr Quiet is in charge of energy management and recovery. When you’re overly stressed and your fight or flight system is triggered repeatedly or for long periods of time, one of the first things to suffer is your sleep.


Besides providing guidance toward good sleep, Dr. Quiet assists in obtaining the relaxation and the self-time people need to stay calm, focused and energised during the day. Dr Quiet also allows us to ‘feel’ and listen to our intuition, which allows us to make the right choices, which are aligned with our values.

Dr Movement

Daily movement isn’t simply necessary for keeping a trim figure or decreasing the risk of heart disease. In fact, it’s necessary to get nutrients to and through our body, to move waste out of our bodies and to generate emotional stability and mental clarity.
A very common problem in the western world is people punishing themselves for making poor diet and lifestyle choices. Being overweight leads to what seems an obvious choice to workout more. In fact, being overweight signifies somebody who is stressed and out of balance! It’s important to have energy before we take it away so prioritising movement that builds energy (working in), like Yoga, Tai chi and Qigong balances our hormones, encourages rest and repair and helps us function better. When we learn to listen to our bodies and get this right, we benefit more from working out.


Dr Movement is not just relevant to physical movement but also mental and emotional movement – the quality of our thinking – get your mind-set right and everything flows!


We encourage each client to have their very own unique Four Doctor plan; simple lifestyle choices that are pushing them close to their goals, with a view to never having to visit a ‘real’ doctor again!

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