Move from shadow to light

I actually see myself as an Awareness Coach, somebody that shines a light on the shadow of people’s unconsciousness. You see once you become aware, you have choice!


Most of the choices we make day to day are unconscious habits. Some examples are: choices around our diet, how we move and exercise, drive the car, clean our teeth, sit at our desk at work, and even how we talk to ourselves.


If you don’t know you’re doing something, how can you change it?
With that in mind, ask yourself, are your habits and unconscious behaviours serving you? Chances are if you’re not happy with your life, you need to increase your level of awareness!


There are several tools you can use to help improve awareness:

Understanding who you are

This is probably the most significant area to grasp if you really want to live the life you want.


Our uninhibited ability to dream as kids means we have a clearer picture of who we are and what we want to be. Unfortunately, as we grow older, society beats this out of us and we lose touch with our innate soul purpose.


When we live life with true meaning the other aspects of our life fall into place; we have something big enough to live for.


If you want to improve wellbeing, start by evaluating what you value in life and what makes you happy – explore who you are. Normally, you can establish what you value by looking to see where you spend your money, time and energy – or where you’d like to. Ask yourself: “What do I love?” “What am I passionate about?” “Were there times in life where I felt content and in happy?”


Learn to listen to the pain teacher

Learning to pay attention to your body, feelings and soul is a valuable insight to whether your choices are serving you. Belching and burping after meals, constipation, diarrhoea, feeling tired, spots, rashes and blemishes, aches and pains and poor breathing patterns are all examples we should pay attention to. Ignoring these symptoms only leads to the pain teacher becoming more severe!


Pay attention to your gut (feelings)

I’m sure we’ve all said to ourselves, ‘I know I should have listened to my gut’.


As hunter-gatherers, our survival would have depended on our instincts. When we ignore our intuition we normally land in trouble. Consulting Dr Quiet and prioritising times for introspection like meditation, breathing, and getting enough sleep, allows us to be less ‘in our mind’, improves our consciousness and allows us to connect with our inner voice – which enables us to make better choices.


Shine a light and record it

At HealthTribe our recommendations are based on a thorough assessment. Some of the areas we ask clients to diarise are diet, exercise, digestion, and sleep patterns. Clients respond positively as this process highlights areas of their lifestyle they’ve never thought about too much. If you’ve ever written a food diary for a week you’ll know how enlightening it can be!


If you’re ready to change and grow, start by shining a light on your shadow, it will be the best choice you ever made!

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