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The age-old question people generally ask by way of introduction… “So, what do you do?” is often one I can’t easily put into a few words and usually goes a bit like this:


Me: “Well, if you really want to know, I help bring balance and happiness to people’s lives through coaching”.


People: “No, I mean what do you call yourself?”


Me: “I suppose my current role is one of a holistic health and lifestyle coach.”


People: “OK, what does that involve?”


I thought it might be a good idea to set the record straight here and explain exactly what a holistic health and lifestyle coach is and the 8 reasons why everyone needs one!


#1 – We don’t treat the client with the disease or problem but coach the client with the disease or problem.


We believe most diseases, illness, injuries or poor health stem from poor diet and lifestyle choices; these can be conscious or unconscious. The secret to recovery and good health is to firstly become aware of the choices you are making (that’s where I come in) and then to implement foundational health principles (Thinking, breathing, hydration, diet, movement & sleep), which allow the body to heal and thrive, as it should. To truly work holistically one must consider physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects


#2 – You have the best of both worlds


Think of a holistic health and life coach as combining personal training, nutrition coaching, life coaching and rehabilitation. Classically, personal trainers will predominately focus on exercise, and perhaps diet, but not consider mental and emotional aspects nor will they assess and consider lifestyle and stress factors.


#3 – The aim is to bring balance


We tend to adopt the ‘Goldilocks’ theory, not too much, not to little but just right; the sweet spot! Whenever we overdo or underdo anything, over time, things can go wrong. Holistic health and lifestyle coaches skilfully assess your lifestyle to see where you may be out of balance and then, through coaching, teach you how to bring balance to your lifestyle. This might, for example, mean to do less or prioritise relaxation.


#4 – We help you to realise your potential

My job is to shine the light on lifestyle areas that you may not even be aware are out of balance. This empowers clients to make better choices, aligned with who they really are. Once you know what’s important to you in life, it’s far easier to say no to things that are not moving you towards your goal or dream and yes to the things that are!


#5 –  We don’t drain you, we train you!

Because our aim is to help bring balance to peoples lives, our recommendations are based on your needs, not your wants (although they are important too). Unfortunately most personal trainers still adopt the ‘no pain, no gain’ mentality and this approach can lead to problems. We teach you to truly listen to your needs, and make healthy choices regarding diet, exercise, rest and play.


Core stability exercise


#6 –We work with clients that want long term results


Lets face it, most people can lose weight in 21 days, train for a marathon or go dry for a month and, of course, see great results, but what happens after that time? Of course, we lapse back into old habits. Short-term changes lead to short-term results! We work with clients who want to permanently change their lifestyle for the better. People who choose to implement healthy habits, to become informed and empowered and fall in love with the process. Clients that follow our process find that the results follow anyway.


#7 – We specialise in working with people who’ve tried everything


Quite often I work with clients that have been to every doctor and specialist going, who’ve had bits cut out of their body or who are on umpteen types of medication and don’t know where to turn next. Our focus is on trying to establish what the driving force behind the problem is, and that’s where the solution lies. Until you uncover what the driver is, you’ll always be chasing your tail.


#8 – We don’t guess, we assess clients


Our advice is based on thorough assessment. We assess a client’s lifestyle, diet, stress levels and hormonal levels, sleep quality, digestion, movement, posture, breathing mechanics, mood etc. A thorough assessment and review is key to our recommendations – working holistically we leave no stone unturned.


Hopefully you now get a better picture of how a holistic health and lifestyle coach can help you achieve your potential.


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